My First Bike

My First Bike Candy Wine

My First Bike Candy Wine

I loved my first bike. My first motorcycle was a 1988 Honda Shadow VLX. Also known as a VT600. It was a great bike. I call her Candy Wine. She was candy wine red in color. I rode her 8000 miles in 6 months.

I should have never sold her. I will never forget her. She was my first motorcycle and you never forget your first. She was the best ride I ever had. I’ve had many bikes since. But Candy Wine was the first and best motorcycle experience and I can never forget that.

I sold her one day, a year later. It was meant to be. I broke even. Two men took her away. A middle aged man and his 72 year old father came to see her. The old man spoke to me while his son was trying out the bike for him.

Thinking of it, that time was spiritual. Here was an old man, and his son was helping him buy a good motorcycle. But at the same time I was helping my father fix his motorcycle; the same brand; I got my father into the fad.

The old man spoke as his son rumbled by. He said his wife died 2 weeks ago. He cried a little as he said that and he dried a couple of tears with his handkerchief. He said riding a new bike with his son will calm his sorrow. He said he still has his first bike, a 1958 Harley Davidson. I often contemplate that moment when he said those things.

Candy Wine went to a good home, to be ridden by a motorcycle rider from the 50’s, who loved his wive, who has a good loving son. The end was fair between Candy Wine and me. I will never forget her.