Custom Log Checker

by Ramses Soto-Navarro, 4/27/2021

The Script


Brief explanation of a log check bash script which alerts when there are too many log errors per day. It parses a set of words to search at the end of the day; counts the number of occurrences; then if a max number is surpassed, send an Email alert with a count of each set of words. A choice of sending via Email or displaying on console is provided.

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Nagios Install on Red Hat 8

by Ramses Soto-Navarro, 4/15/2021

Required Packages
Install Fping
Create Accounts
Install Nagios Core
Install Nagios Plugins
Configure Nagios
Configure Apache
Configure Email
Firewall Rules
Configure Nodes
Add Nodes to Monitor
Configure SNMP Defaults
Test Commands
Node Stress Test
OID List


Brief notes on Nagios install on Red Hat Linux 8.x. Provides: SNMP monitoring, Email alerts, web interface. The audience is experienced Linux administrators.

Required Packages

# yum install man wget openssh-clients rsync traceroute nmap nc telnet ftp elinks ntp bind-utils 
httpd gcc gcc-c++ php glibc glibc-common man perl gd gd-devel libjpeg-devel libpng-devel postfix 
openssl-devel gnutls gnutls-devel perl-CPAN  libdbi libdbi-devel libdbi-dbd-mysql samba-client 
net-snmp-utils bind-utils perl-DBD-MySQL  mod_auth_mysql openldap-clients openldap-devel 
perl-LDAP php-ldap libgcrypt-devel libopenssl-devel gettext-runtime automake net-snmp perl-Net-SNMP
cpan Crypt::DES Digest::HMAC Digest::SHA1 Net::SNMP Crypt:Rijndael

# yum groupinstall "MYSQL Database Client"

# yum install mysql mysql-server mysql-test mysql-devel mysql-libs mysql-connector-odbc php-mysql

Install Fping

# cd /usr/src
# wget
# tar zxf fping-5.0.tar.gz 
# cd fping-5.0/
# ./configure --disable-ipv6 --enable-ipv4
# make
# make install
# fping mis26

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Borg Backup Notes

by Ramses Soto-Navarro,

Quick Start
Daily Script
List Archives
Extract Restore
Delete Archive
Mount Archive
Export Tarball
Install SSHFS
Remote Restore


Brief notes about Borg; an executable for backups with many cool features: deduplication, high compression, encryption, mountable archives, authentication security, offsite backups via SSH, BSD license. Follow the logic; for experienced Linux administrators.


Download latest from:

# cd /usr/local/bin
# wget
# chmod 0755 borg-linux64
# ln -s borg-linux64 borg
# borg -h

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MyDeny Script

by Ramses Soto-Navarro,

The Script
Remove IP

Overview script adds IP addresses to /etc/hosts.deny, which have too many bad SSH login attempts. It is a simple alternative to the older python denyhosts. It searches every night for IP addresses that failed to SSH more than 20 times, via cron. If so then it adds it to hosts.deny. Logging of each denied IP will be sent to /var/log/messages as Follow the parsing logic to automatically add more libwrap services to hosts.deny. This document is for experienced Linux administrators.

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SuSE RMT Repo Installation

by Ramses Soto-Navarro

Install RMT
Setup MySQL Password
RMT Setup
Setup Firewall Rules
Enable SLP Broadcast
RMT Server Status
Install Repos
Setup RMT Clients
Add Repo Install Directories
Create Mini ISOs


Brief notes about how to install RMT (Repository Mirror Tool) on SuSE 15.x. The audience is experienced Linux administrators.
NOTE: Do not install Apache; on SuSE it uses Nginx. Official Documentation:


Verify server is registered with SUSE via regular registration procedures: yast, Product Registration.
Verify online repos are populated:

# zypper refresh
# zypper repos

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