Apache Compile Stand-alone

by Ramses Soto-Navarro ramses@sotosystems.com, 2/1/2022

Download Source
Disable Apache
Restore OS OpenSSL
Compile OpenSSL Stand-alone
Compile APR and APR-Util
Compile Apache Stand-alone
Compile Tomcat Connectors
Configure Apache
Configure Apache Startup Scripts
Test New Apache Startup
Test Commands
Server Status and Info Page
Rename Old Apache Binaries
Systems Affected by OpenSSL


Brief notes about compiling Apache and Openssl stand-alone on /usr/local/, on SUSE 15 SP3. Previously Apache was installed on top of the binaries installed by the SUSE packages. However, that method disabled the possibility of using the newest OpenSSL libraries; because updating OpenSSL would break other system utilities. Hence, compiling stand-alone in /usr/local/. The audience is experienced Linux administrators.

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